The Music Listening Xperience Channel (originally titled Experience but the name was changed to implement the X so it was not confused with the LaserLight Music Experience) began in the Summer of 2012 when HSU released Bulletproof, a four-part story Tribute to the 2012 Summer Movies. The MLX was created as a way to pay Tribute to Blockbuster Motion Pictures or a series of themed motion pictures such as horror films, high profile Video Games, and Broadcasting. In 2017 with the release of HSU Whiteout, the category channel was split into four different series with Film Music Xperience, Broadcast Music Xperience, Horror Music Xperience, and Video Game Xperience to better catalog the Tribute Albums more efficiently in the Library.

Understanding the MLX Channel Series

With the release of Whiteout in 2017, dividing the channel into four categories seemed logical for a better library catalog while at the same time each series was given its own individual HSU Fanfare. The original Fanfare for the MLX itself was given to the FMX as a starting point allowing for the other three Fanfares to be created for the rest of the series. Here each Fanfare by clicking on the play button under each series logo below. Although there were already previous Tribute Albums that were made for each series, all the previous albums were placed under the navigation of Previous TAL (with the exception of Bulletproof) due to the fact they were released before the Ann. site was opened. Going forward any new TAs released under any of the channel series will be placed in the sub pages of this Channel.         

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