• Category Series: DLS

  • TAL File Name:  AXE

  • Release Date:  9.9.2020

  • Album Length: 01.14.45

  • Genre: Dance, Techno, EDM

  • All song material has been edited from its original content to fit the format and time limit of this TA and plays as one continuous track, therefore songs cannot be selected individually.

  • HSU Tribute Album may include special edition tribute songs that HSU has remixed and created to honor the artist and that can only be found on certified tribute albums created by HSU.


  • Some music may also include material that are stored in the HSU archive vault since being created in 2012. None of this additional material or special edition songs will be found on HSU Spotify playlist connected to album homepage making the HSU-TA a unique listening experience.

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Individual Track Playlist (Not Downloadable)

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Special thanks to SpaceX for their help in making this album possible. Clicking on the above or below image will open the official sites of SpaceX and Falcon 9




The Timeshift debut album arrives and brings the introduction to the Matrix DLS (Double Letter Series) under the Laserlight Music Experience Channel. This trilogy was initiated with Blackstar but was never carried through due to Blackstar being retired from the passing of two staff members.

The SLS (Single Letter Series) Anniversary trilogy that began with the Skywatch and ended with Skyview was the Matrix A Series that released Matrix Abyss, Astral, and Aura and was concluded with Matrix Avure ending the SLS with a bang.


So it was only fitting that the beginning trilogy in the DLS come to life with striking impact in the opening trilogy of MAX following the conclusion of the MAS.


This series presents a new listening experience in that the entire playlist is comprised of tracks created from multiple artist song material in a more linear compact timeline giving the opportunity to pay tribute to the original artist with newly remixed music that creates 14 tracks of high energy listening impact in the trance and EDM music genres. 



T1 - Axel Liftoff

HSU remix comprised of:

HSU Timeshift Original Theme Song​
HSU LME Fanfare
Space X Trance Music Introduction (Courtesy SpaceX)
HSU Intro
Falcon 9 Liftoff (Recorded August 30. 2020, 10:12AM) 
L.E.D. There Be Light - Cosmic Gate Remix - Rank 1, Cosmic Gate
Exploration of Space (Radio Edit) - Cosmic Gate
T2 - After the Burn
HSU remix comprised of:
This Fire (HSU Tribute Remix) - Alex Kunnari, Mike Schmid
T3 - Just Animals Inside
HSU remix comprised of:
​Animals - Alex Kunnari, Christina Novelli

Animal - Vicetone, Jordan Powers, Bekah Novi

T4 - Sun Alive

HSU remix comprised of:

Still Alive - Ashley Wallbridge, Evan Henzi

Amber Sun - Gareth Emery, Ashley Wallbridge

T5 - Spectrum Analysis

HSU remix comprised of:

Spectrum - Zedd, Matthew Koma

Waiting - Dash Berlin, Emma Hewitt

T6 - Solarcoaster Oasis

HSU remix comprised of:

The Oasis (Radio Edit) - Talla 2XLC

Solarcoaster - Solarstone

T7 - Waiting Higher

HSU remix comprised of:

Waiting - Dash Berlin, Emma Hewitt

Higher (Mixed) - Audien, Cecillia

T8 - First Impact

HSU remix comprised of:

For The First Time (Ben Gold Remix) - Omnia, Tilde, Ben Gold

Yet To Come - Alexander Popov, LTN, Kyler England

T9 - Cosmo Fallout

HSU remix comprised of:

Cosmo (Mix Cut) - Super8 & Tab

Fallout (Mix Cut) - Davey Asprey

T10 - Arcadia Sea Tides

HSU remix comprised of:

Arcadia - Tom Fall

Sea Tides (Cinematic Remake Radio Edit) - Andy Blueman

T11 - The Edge of City Lights

HSU remix comprised of:

The Edge (Original Mix) - Dave202, Robbie Hazen

City Of Lights (Official Radio Edit) - Lush & Simon, XOV

 T12 -  Touchback Earth

HSU remix comprised of:

Touchdown (HSU Tribute Remix) - Robert Nickson

T13 - Apart Anywhere

HSU remix comprised of:

Apart (Martin Volt & Quentin State Remix) - Orjan Nilsen, Jonathan Mendelsohn, Martin Volt

Anywhere With You (Solarstone Pure Mix) - The Thrillseekers, Stine Grove, Solarstone

T14 - Axelized

HSU remix comprised of:

HSU Outro

Southern Sun (DJ Tiësto HSU Tribute Remix - HSU Archives) - Paul Oakenfold, Carla Werner, Tiësto


Space Exploration Technologies Corp., aka-SpaceX, is an American aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services company headquartered in Hawthorne, California. It was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk with the goal of reducing space transportation costs to enable the colonization of Mars. SpaceX has developed several launch vehicles, the Starlink satellite constellation, the Dragon cargo spacecraft, and flown humans to the International Space Station on the Crew Dragon Demo-2. In December 2015, a Falcon 9 accomplished a propulsive vertical landing with the first such achievement by a rocket for orbital spaceflight. In January 2020, with the third launch of the Starlink project, SpaceX became the largest commercial satellite constellation operator in the world.


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