• Matrix AX Series (DLS)

    Created under Blackstar Flagship to begin the Matrix Double Letter Series in 2020

  • axe.cover.png

    Matrix Axel - HP

    Debut album for Timeshift Flagship and features a special edition Space X opening trance tune supplied by Space X

  • Matrix A Series (SLS)

    Anniversary Series created for Skywatch and Skyview Anniversary sites

  • avure_600.png

    Matrix Avure

    Special Edition under Skyview concluding the Single Letter Series

  • aura_600.webp

    Matrix Aura

    Final Volume created under Skyview Flagship

  • astral_600.webp

    Matrix Astral

    Vol. 2 of the trilogy created under the Skywatch Flagship

  • abyss_600.webp

    Matrix Abyss

    Debut Matrix Series created under Skywatch

  • Matrix U Series (SLS)

    Created with the Matrix R Series under Whiteout

  • MUs_600.webp

    Matrix Unsealed

    Vol. 3 and finale of Matrix U Series ending the U trilogy

  • mul_600.webp

    Matrix Unleashed

    Vol. 2 of Matrix U trilogy

  • mud_600.webp

    Matrix Undefined

    Vol. 1 in Matrix U trilogy

  • Matrix R Series (SLS)

    Created with Matrix U Series under Whiteout

  • mrg_600.webp

    Matrix Regenerated

    Vol. 2 in MRS, the third of the trilogy never was made

  • mrc_600.webp

    Matrix Recension

    Vol. 1 MRS

  • Matrix V Series (SLS)

    Created under Threshold Flagship

  • mvt_600.webp

    Matrix Vitalized

    Vol. 3 ending the MVS trilogy

  • mvs_600.webp

    Matrix Visceral

    Vol. 2 in MVS trilogy

  • mvr_600.webp

    Matrix Viral

    Vol. 1 in MVS trilogy

  • Matrix E Series (SLS)

    Opening Series for the LME channel when HSU launched on web

  • meq_cover_600.webp

    Matrix Equalized

    Special Edition which combined the best of Matrix Energy, Matrix Expanded, and Matrix Evolved

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