• Music Tribute Remix

    Created under Whiteout when the MMP sub-cat was created


    Pandemic World

    Debut album for Blackstar Flagship with message about Pandemic and civil unrest in US

  • dof_600.webp

    Dawn Of Fire

    Tribute to Cusco and spiritual listening hits, replacement album for retired Drums Of Thunder

  • sfa_600.webp

    A Stamp From Above

    Tribute sequel Lost In Space And Time and to Pink Floyd, Planet P Project, with special live audio clips from the Movie -The Wall

  • lst_600.webp

    Lost In Space And Time

    Tribute to the Warner bros. Movie Gravity with part 1 special Tribute to Pink Floyd and Planet P Project

  • wap_600.webp

    Worlds Apart

    1st album in the MTR sub-cat

  • Music Pulse Playlist

    Created under Whiteout along with the MTR sub-cat

  • RTE.cover..png

    Rock Train Express

    Vol. 7 and 2nd in transportation mini-series trilogy about cars, trains, and skyways, includes Three Stooges audio short clip

  • RHW.cover.png

    Rock The Highway

    Vol. 6 and 1st album in mini-trilogy about cars, trains, and skyways, includes Three Stooges audio short clip

  • FRD_600.webp

    Fire Rock Dogs

    Vol. 5

  • POR_600.webp

    Pylon Of Rock

    Vol. 4 geared around a space theme

  • RTR_600.webp

    Road To Rock

    Vol. 3

  • RIT_600.webp

    Rock In Time

    Vol. 2 includes Three Stooges audio short clip and rock songs about time

  • rmw.600.png

    Rock My World

    The debut album under Whiteout

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