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  • Category Series: HMX

  • TAL File Name: HHH

  • Release Date: 10.29.2017

  • Album Length: 0.57.58

  • Genre: Instrumental, Halloween Music

  • All song material has been edited from its original content to fit the format and time limit of this TA and plays as one continuous track, therefore songs cannot be selected individually.

  • HSU Tribute Album may include special edition tribute songs that HSU has remixed and created to honor the artist and that can only be found on certified tribute albums created by HSU.


  • Some music may also include material that are stored in the HSU archive vault since being created in 2012. None of this additional material or special edition songs will be found on HSU Spotify playlist connected to album homepage making the HSU-TA a unique listening experience.

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Artist List and Links

Midnight Syndicate (MS)

Midnight Syndicate is an American musical group that has been working mainly in the genre of gothic music since 1997 and is based out of Chardon, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. Composer/filmmaker Edward Douglas formed Midnight Syndicate in 1996 shortly after releasing a micro-budget, direct-to-video horror film called The Dead Matter (1996) which he directed and scored and would later remake.

Nox Arcada (NA)

Nox Arcana is an American neoclassical, dark ambient musical duo, formed in 2003 by Joseph Vargo and William Piotrowski. Their name in Latin translates to "mysteries of the night. All of Nox Arcana's music is released independently on the Monolith Graphics label, a publishing company owned by Joseph Vargo.

Jeff Danna 

Danna was born in Burlington, Ontario, a brother of composer Mychael Danna. A reluctant piano student at age eight, he found solace in the guitar at age eleven and began playing professionally at fifteen until a hand injury at age 21 curtailed his performance career. His film credits include such diverse projects as the hit film adaptations of the video game/action franchises Resident Evil: Apocalypse and Silent Hill, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D; the Ryan Gosling-Anthony Hopkins legal drama Fracture; The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and Tideland.

Akira Yamaoka

Akira Yamaoka (山岡 晃 Yamaoka Akira, born February 6, 1968) is a Japanese video game composer, sound designer, guitarist, and producer, best known for composing various games in the Silent Hill series by Konami. He also once worked as a producer on the series, as well as serving as a composer and producer of the Silent Hill film and its sequel. Currently, he is the sound director at Grasshopper Manufacture.

Ryan Adams

David Ryan Adams (born November 5, 1974) is an American singer-songwriter, musician, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and poet. He is best known for his solo career, during which he has released sixteen albums, and as a former member of alternative country band Whiskeytown, with whom he recorded three studio albums.




Take a terrifying trip into music horror with Midnight Syndicate, Nox Arcana, and film composers as you follow the unwanted journey into the nightmare story of how one child defeats evil forces, crazies, and demons in a chilling night of terror and fright.


The story begins with young Erma Stone, an orphaned child since birth, being raised by Kilgore Cemetary Gatekeeper, Karl Muskey. Her mentor has taught her that she must fulfill a life destiny as a chosen one to save mankind from the Demon Beast.


Unknown to Erma that her horror nightmare is about to begin, she follows a rare magical black cat, known as the Kimmy Cat, and is taken into a spooky wooded area where an evil abandoned house sits. As a severe storm quickly moves in over her, she has no choice but to enter the unlocked house for shelter but soon learns that the house is a one-way portal that only allows entry in. Erma soon becomes empowered to confront her fears and destiny as she must close the portal and send the Demon Beast back to the depths of Hell in order to destroy the Haunted Hell House. 

This is a HSU Original Story


TA contains graphic and disturbing horror sound  material

which may not be suitable for all audiences.

Viewer  listening discretion is advised. 




Segment 1

Journey Into Haunted Hell

  • Dusk - Vampyre: Symphonies from the Crypt (MS)

  • Darkened Shores - Raven's Hollow: Realm of Shadows (Reissue) (MS)

  • raining thunderstorm falls
    the entrance door opens
    the house welcomes you - (HSU)

  • Welcome

  • Gates of Delirium - (MS)

  • HSU Intro

  • It Begins Part 1 - Zombies!!! (Official Board Game Soundtrack) (MS)
    Veiled Hunter - The 13th Hour ( MS)

  • children ghost at play (HSU)
    demon creature lurks around - (HSU)

  • It Begins part 2 - Zombies!!! (Official Board Game Soundtrack) (MS)

 Segment 2

What Lies Within These Walls

  • Haunted - The Dark Tower (NA)

  • demon creature feeds - (HSU)

  • Dementia 13

  • Blackthorn Asylum (NA)

  • knock, knock, who's there - -(HSU)

  • Melancholia

  • Shadow of the Raven (NA)

  • peek-a-boo, guess who - (HSU)

  • Legacy Of Darkness - Blackthorn Asylum (NA)
    the madness of the mind - (HSU)

  • Dark Powers - Season of the Witch (NA)

  • here's Johnny - (HSU)

  • Grisly Reminder - The 13th Hour (MS)
    Serpents Lair - Raven's Hollow: Realm of Shadows (Reissue) (MS)

 Segment 3

The Tale Sign Of Sacrifices


  • Run, Demon Creature in the dark - (HSU)

  • The Dead Matter - OMPS (MS)

  • The Unwanted Visitor - Monsters of Legends (MS)

  • visiting the haunted nursery
    demon creature watching
    the haunted organ plays - (HSU)

  • Hexed - OMPS (Terrortron)

  • Eclipse - Raven's Hollow: Realm of Shadows (Reissue) (MS)

 Segment 4

Finding The Path Downward

  • Morbid Fascination - Halloween Music Collection (MS)

  • Doll - Maniac OMPS (Rob)

  • opening the gates of hell - (HSU)

  • Crypt Of The Forsaken - Vampyre: Symphonies from the Crypt (MS)

  • Deadly Intentions - Halloween Music Collection (MS)

  • he shall not rest 
    you belong to us now

  • demon beast of doom, Ermas sacrifice

  • House crumbles back into hell - (HSU)

  • Silent Hill Revelation - OMPS (Jeff Danna, Akira Yamaoka)

  • Haunted House - Prisoner (Ryan Adams)



  • TA original project story script written by Dark Lore and JesterJustin


  • TA sound processing and editing coordinated by Dark Lore and Solo Sound Works


  • Tribute Album cover art created by JesterJustin and Blupixels 

  • Main house art image used created from Sony Video Game Resident Evil Biohazard © Sony Entertainment